New Gold Moon

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

Blessings of the New Gold Moon, beautiful Solar Eclipse gateway walked through. Ancient purity of lunar gifts awakening, a silvery celestial mandala that is the gateway to the New Sun. It is time to walk this way. Ignite your ancient, timeless gifts, bringing all that is called forth at this time. Through the phases of the moonlight, this our processional way on a pathway of celestial mosaic, white silvery trees overarching, as we move through the pulses of Light that guide us to the Solstice.

I feel the mystic deepening light, the shimmering of alteration within all, and the confluence of a greater timeline of intention. May the soul initiation you have long since dreamt amongst the stars be accomplished.


With Infinite, Elfin Love, Elen Elenna



A glimpse of the Elven Starlight Journey this moon....


Welcome to the Gold Moon, and the wisdom of non-judgement, the great silvery wings of angelic sentience and multi-dimensional vision. This is a moon to recover your own non-dual awareness, and the cosmic and Divine Imagination of Creator consciousness that exists beyond the veils of duality.



This moon is overlit by the Star Dimension of Rigel in the constellation of Orion and the Golden Celestial Flame of the Everlasting Stars


It is time to turn your Temple from magenta to gold!


It is time to activate the shimmering, processional pathway to the Solstice of December 21st. Make this a pathway of beauty, honouring yourself and your unique soul passage and initiation of this time


In this Moon Lodge, journey into the Grove of Arianrhod to access the Golden Flame and ancient Elven dimension of the Moon, a celestial temple wherein you are gifted with the seed of your ascension, galactic timeline of this moon by Arianrhod, lunar/stellar goddess. 


This seed, this moonflower, holds your soul initiation of this moon.


Come to know, to feel what this is for you, so that you can commit to this journey of growth and learning


Let the first golden whispering of this moon and ascension cycle touch your soul




Enter the Forest of Wisdom

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