Gold Tree & Silver Tree

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

Announcing on a note of beauty, sadness, cosmic unfoldment, that my most extraordinary friend, Elven Celestial Elven Wizard Joanna Jane Delves and I realised that we have completed the 'practical' part of our Sapphire Earth coming together, and have let go of this. Many shall miss her glowing presence here, but please know her beautiful energy shall ever be part of the founding light of Sapphire Earth, and you can still read her articles in the Elven Journal.

Her soul support has been Immense in grounding this space and vision. She has truly been the silvery tree, and great cosmic heart helping the Elven Starlight Journey and Sapphire Earth come into being. We are surrendering to the joy of puffing on Elder Pipes and slippers in friendship, and letting go of the work part, for now!

Sometimes the surrenders are of that which is so beautiful, it makes the heart ache, even though we know they lead to greater expansion. I share the image of the Gold and Silver Trees of Valinor, drawn by Roger Garland for Tolkein's Works. They evoke something of the love and wonder and gratitude I feel for being able to come together, and also some of the magic and power that is held within this portal of the Sapphire Earth, of the dream that inspired us

One of the longings is to end the long aloneness, and come together with kindred souls in the Elder Light, those whose hearts beat with the same cadence of remembrance. And we truly are coming together, and though many of our soul creations are unique and held in their full flame and light only within our own hearts, at other levels they belong to cosmic co-creation and an inter-wovenness in consciousness. To come together with one another is so remarkable, and one of the key occurrences of this time. These are ancient and timeless alliances of inter-woven creational Lights.


With Greatest Love & Gratitude for my Dearest Friend


Elen Elenna



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